Brandon J. Bruce


Currently Working as a Character Artist in Austin, Texas. I have experience in games, television, and film with a passion for art.


Character Artist, Kingdom Games, Austin, TX (August 2013 – Present)
Shipped Title: Five: Guardians of David
Modeled, textured, and skinned character assets.

Artist, Merge Interactive, Austin, TX (2013)
Shipped Title: Star Wars Clone Trooper
Created character and environment assets for the Jakks Pacific TV Game.

Character Artist, Portalarium, Austin, TX (January 2012 - December 2012)
Shipped Title: Ultimate Collector Garage Sale
Using Direction from game lead, Modeled, textured, and skinned character assets.

Character Artist, Hellfire Games, Austin, TX (June 2012)
Shipped Title: Home Tycoon
Modeled and textured character asset for the game.

Environment Artist, BioWare, Austin, TX (December 2010- December 2011)
Shipped Title: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Polished art assets and environments in preparation for launch.

Environment/ Character Artist, Certain Affinity, Austin, TX (2010)
Shipped Titles: Call of Duty: Black Ops (uncredited), Crimson Alliance
Created environment and character assets. Focused on prop work for Call of Duty.
Modeled character armor/weapons along with a broad array of environment assets for Crimson Alliance
using provided concept art.

Character Modeler, Moonbot Studios, Shreveport, LA (2010)
Oscar Award Winning Winning Short: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Created animation ready character assets for the award winning short film.

Environment Artist, BioWare, Austin, TX (2009)
Shipped Title: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Using the story elements provided by the writing team, developed look of play space and populated world using outsourced environment assets in Hero Engine.

Character Modeler, Character Rigger, and Render Wrangler, Reel FX Creative Studios, Dallas, TX (2004-2008)
Balanced multiple projects in various stages of completion. Primarily modeled and rigged characters
as well as created their blend shapes for animation for television and film.
Character Modeler, Various Sony & Dreamworks Projects
Creature Modeler, Princess | ABC Family
Character Modeler, Jane Doe Cinematic Short | Electronic Arts
Modeler and Rigger, for Boz | Reel FX
Crowd Animation, Everyone's Hero Feature Film | FOX Entertainment
Render Wrangler, and Layout Artist, Aunt Fanny's Tour Of Booty
Animated Short | Blue Sky Studios
Render Wrangler,Action Man | Hasbro
Render Wrangler, G.I. Joe Valor Vs. Venom | Hasbro

Architectural Visualization and 3D Modeler, Resolution Independence, Dallas, TX (2004-2005)
Modeled characters for film and props/sets for architectural visualization projects.
Architectural Visualization, The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton
Modeler and Storyboard Artist, The Chubby Cubbies
Video Character Modeler, Veritas


3D Modeling Skills: Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, MudBox, CrazyBump
2D Graphic Skills: Photoshop
Game Engines: Unity, HeroEngine, COD Radiant


Associate of Applied Arts
The Art Institute of Dallas (1998)
Computer Animation and Multimedia